HaloX® concrete installation housing (on-site mixed concrete)

Extension rings HaloX®

Extension rings HaloX®
Preview: Extension rings HaloX®
Extension rings HaloX®
  • 1281-50
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  • To increase installation depth
HaloX® 100
50 mm
Max. installation depth luminaire / loudspeaker
+ 50 mm
For Art. No.
Product information

HaloX® concrete installation housing (on-site mixed concrete)

The shape-retaining HaloX® system has a modular design for fitting in on-site mixed concrete. Three housing diameters with a large number of round, square and universal front parts allow the integration of luminaires and loudspeakers up to an installation diameter of 250 mm, including in facing concrete. With a tunnel, the system provides sufficient space for operating devices, such as LED drivers. Optional extension rings to increase the installation depth. All front parts are moisture-repellent and can be positioned exactly and nailed-on even before the first reinforcement is laid. Housings and front parts are firmly and stably latched together and can still be aligned as required afterwards. By means of the toolless, opening technology with a M20/M25 combination entry, conduits can be inserted quickly and easily and, even if the population is incorrect, the entry can easily be closed again. It provides secure conduit retention with a depth stop, so there is no need for subsequent internal shortening of the conduits. After casting, front parts with a defined installation diameter can be opened with a targeted blow of the hammer. The front parts for universal opening sizes can be plastered locally or plastered over. You can then cut the required installation opening using standard cutting tools e.g. PROFI cutter.

  • For walls and ceilings
  • Housings and front parts are latched together securely and sturdily, and can also be subsequently aligned as required
  • All housing sizes are available with and without a tunnel
  • Toolless entry technology for M20/M25 conduits
  • Optimal heat management thanks to maximum surface contact with the concrete
  • Minimal impact on the main structure – does not require reinforcement steel to be cut to create the tunnel

Examples of use

The combination conduit entry can be opened simply by hand. If necessary, conduit entries that have already been opened can simply be closed again.

The flat front part (20 mm) lies below the lower reinforcement layer, thus not hindering any subsequent works, and can be precisely aligned using the centre marking.

The combination conduit entry provides a secure connection for both jacketed and non-jacketed pipes and can be used individually for conduit sizes of 20 mm or 25 mm diameter. It offers a high degree of pull-out safety and, thanks to the integrated depth stop, makes subsequent internal shortening of the conduits superfluous.

All HaloX® installation housings are robustly designed and meet the requirements of the harsh conditions at the construction site and in the concrete plant.

Extension rings

Extension rings are available to enlarge the installation compartment.

HaloX® 100: front extension 10, 25 or 50 mm (item no. 1281-21, -25, -50).

HaloX® Ø 180: front-side extension 25 or 50 mm (item no. 1282-25, -50)

HaloX® Ø 180: rear-side extension 25 or 50 mm (item no. 1282-25, -50)

HaloX® Ø 250: extension 25 or 50 mm front or rear (item no. 1283-25, -50)

Product data sheet

Extension rings HaloX®

Article no: 1281-50


System overview of HaloX®

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Installation housing HaloX® 100 for on-site mixed concrete

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