Prefix® 2.0 concrete construction socket

Prefix® 2.0 concrete construction box 2x1 NUP

Prefix® 2.0 concrete construction box 2x1 NUP
  • 9941.25
  • 372722309
  • 7611614334592
  • compatible with Feller SNAPFIX®
  • For device screws Ø 3 mm
  • Max. tightening torque 0.5 Nm
90 mm
2x1 NUP
Break-out openings Ø 20 mm
Break-out openings Ø 25 mm
Combination conduit entries M20/25
Drill holes M32
Opening wall outlet
30 mm
Product information

Prefix® 2.0 concrete construction socket

Inlet box and wall lamp connection box with Prefix® installation technology, for quick and easy installation against subsequently placed front formwork - without separate supporting element. Thanks to its spring-loaded wing brackets, this one-piece socket with two integrated front parts can be installed in such a way that its front surface will be pressed hard against the front formwork when it is subsequently placed, ensuring the socket will sit just right against the formwork and resulting in a smooth, clean finish after concreting.

  • compatible with Feller SNAPFIX®
  • 54% more space
  • Extended range includes 1x1, 2x1 NUP, 3x1 NUP
  • Extremely robust design
  • Pliable projection on the equipment-mounting side to assist locating after plastering
  • Spacing projections at end of fixing wings


Select and insert this front part for general equipment installations, or....

... alternatively use this front part to provide a Ø30 mm outlet, e.g. for a lamp.

Conduit entries can be easily formed using a knife or the special opening cutter (Article no. 1085-80).

Ensure the cover is properly engaged. Prefix® the socket to the reinforcement using the Prefix wing brackets. The markings on the socket help ensure correct horizontal and vertical alignment, and you have both hands free ...

... to tie the socket onto the reinforcement bars using tying wire. We recommend the use of tying wire to ensure stability during concreting.

Now the conduits can be inserted and secured.

Pay attention to the concrete cover!

For concrete cover of 45 - 60 mm, rotate the Prefix® 180 degrees around its own longitudinal axis.

Mounting example - Prefix® installation socket 2x1

Mounting example - Prefix® installation socket 3x1



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Product data sheet

Prefix® 2.0 concrete construction box 2x1 NUP

Article no: 9941.25


Prefix® 2.0 Concrete construction box

The new concrete installation box for quick and easy installation.


Prefix concrete one-gang box.

Prefix one-gang box for electrical installations in fair faced concrete.

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