KompaX® 2 concrete installation housing

KompaX®2 Front ring ceiling exit

KompaX®2 Front ring ceiling exit
KompaX®2 Front ring ceiling exit
  • 1292-10
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  • Other dimensions and shapes (for ceiling exit) are available for fast delivery in the form of Styrofoam moulded parts.
Ceiling exit (CE) Ø
145 mm
Min. luminaire covering Ø
152 mm
14 mm

KompaX® 2 concrete installation housing

KompaX® 2 housing system for fitted downlights and loudspeakers in concrete ceilings with wide range of accessories for almost all applications. Height-adjustable using intermediate frames. The various front parts make it extremely practical.

  • Housing system for fitted downlights and loudspeakers
  • For in-situ or prefabricated concrete
  • For precise installation openings from Ø 100–200 mm
  • For device installation depths up to 200 mm*
  • For ceiling thicknesses from 180–300 mm*
  • Tolerance compensation during slab ceiling installation

Luminaire selection

Built-in installation downlights with TC lamps, lamp output max. 90 W* (e.g. 3 x TC-D 26 W or 2 x TC-T 42 W). Use only built-in luminaires tested to EN 60598-1 suitable for installation on normally flammable building materials. Luminaire installation depth without intermediate frame max. 100 mm. Luminaire installation depth with intermediate frame max. 200 mm. (*Even higher system performance is possible with an intermediate frame)

Technical processing instructions/standards

  • for ceiling thicknesses from 18 up to 30 cm. Please contact us if the ceiling thickness is greater than 30 cm.
  • use only certified (EN 60598) luminaires which are suitable for direct installation on normally flammable materials
  • luminaire installation heights up to 200 mm; please contact us for heights greater than 200 mm
  • allows installation of additional lighting or loudspeaker accessories, EIB components, emergency supply units, etc.


*For installation depths > 200 mm and ceiling thicknesses > 300 mm, please contact us. Telephone: +49 (0)2355.809.61

Product data sheet

KompaX®2 Front ring ceiling exit

Order number: 1292-10


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Assembly instructions

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