Plaster-free mounting with KLEMMFIX® and signal cover

Signal cover

Signal cover
Signal cover
  • 1181-35
  • 165929228
  • 4013456430303
  • reusable
  • protects interior of box, screwing dome and screw heads when plastering
For installation opening
35 mm

Plaster-free mounting with KLEMMFIX® and signal cover

The KLEMMFIX® system reduces mounting time by up to 50% compared with plastering. Thanks to the signal cover, the assembly position of the one-gang boxes can be seen immediately once plastering has taken place.

  • For fitting boxes without plaster
  • Secure, clean and time-saving
  • Alignment and secure mounting even before plastering
  • Can also be used at sub-zero temperatures
  • Not suitable for use with lime or thin plaster

KLEMMFIX® system

1 KLEMMFIX® | 2 One-gang box | 3 Signal cover


Creating installation opening.

Push in box with KLEMMFIX® clipped on.

Fit signal cover.

Fine marker bristles on the signal cover show the exact position of the one-gang box after plastering.

Proof of stability:

Tests carried out show that all boxes remain unchanged. Long-term use in practice confirms this result. Deviations in plastering material and application of the plaster have no effect.

Product data sheet

Signal cover

Order number: 1181-35