Fire-stop box FlamoX®

Fire-stop box FlamoX®

Fire-stop box FlamoX®
Preview: Fire-stop box FlamoX®
Fire-stop box FlamoX®
  • 9435-03
  • 920848209
  • 4013456546080
  • for luminaires and loudspeakers
  • Smokeproof and halogen-free
  • for fire loads from above and below
  • made of galvanised sheet metal with lining made of fire-resistant coating
For panel thickness
2 x 12,5 mm
320 mm
270 mm
150 mm
Installation height
200 mm
Exit opening Ø
180 mm
Max. luminaire or loudspeaker installation height
150 mm
Tube entries up to M25
Cable entries up to Ø 13.5 mm
LED luminaires
34 Watt
Halogen luminaires
75 Watt
ETA approval

Fire-stop box FlamoX®

FlamoX® installation housings for luminaires and loudspeakers protect lives and material goods if a fire breaks out. In luminaire and loudspeaker installations in fire-protection ceilings, the integrated fire-retardant coating gives the housings the fire-protection class F30 (EI30) of the ceiling. They prevent fire and flue gases from spreading, so they secure escape routes in buildings. FlamoX® fire-protection housings provide certified security.

  • Safe, certified fire-protection housings for built-in luminaires and loudspeakers
  • Fast, easy fitting from the underside of the ceiling
  • Suitable for fire resistance from above and below
  • Installation without additional suspension
  • No use of additional fire protection materials or sealing compounds

Functioning of the fire-retardant coating in the event of fire (fire load from below)

Functioning of the fire-retardant coating if a fire breaks out (fire load from above)

Examples of use

Fire-stop housing for recessed luminaires...

…and for loudspeakers.

Mounting in suspended fire-protection ceilings F30.

Available in two sizes for a range of uses.


FlamoX® housings are tested fire-protection housings for the fire-protection sealing of built-in luminaires and loudspeakers in independent, two-layer suspended F30 fire-protection ceilings made of plasterboard fire-protection panels with or without insulation. The ETA-certified (European Technical Assessment) housings are approved for fireloads from above and below. The FlamoX® housings were tested according to DIN EN 1363-1 and DIN EN 1366-3, so they can be installed in ceiling systems which were built according to DIN 4102-4 or DIN EN 1364-2 or have certification in the form of a general building approval certificate.

Technical information

Fixing lugs with hole structure for fast, easy screw fitting to the fire-protection ceiling.

Interior consisting of a fire-retardant-forming fire-protection material and, in the event of a fire, automatically closing plate.

Two cable entries for sheathed cables up to Ø 13.5 mm external diameter and two conduit entries for conduits up to M25.

Bendable retention lugs for optional suspension in ceiling profiles.


After determining the position of the luminaire, use the template to mark the screw positions and the cut-out...

…then create the cut-out for the housing and retain for future use.

Open cable and conduit entries and use the universal opening cutter (Art. No. 1085-80) to cut matching entries.

Insert the housing into the component opening and align it.

Fix housing to the fire-protection ceiling using quick-fastening screws…

…then chamfer the cut-out made previously and fix with dry-wall screws.

Create the component opening for luminaire or loudspeaker.

Plastering of the Joints.


Fire-stop box FlamoX® - European Technical Assessment ETA

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VKF approval 9435-03 Fire-sealing system for ceilings

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Product data sheet

Fire-stop box FlamoX®

Order number: 9435-03


Fire protection.

Box, housing and sealing systems for fire-protection walls and ceilings.



Für Leuchten, Lautsprecher und Einbaugeräte.


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